A downloadable game

The Earth is under the control of a company called clonebot.
You're a marijuana leaf, your race been extinguished and you're the last survivor of your kind sought by the war AOC substances (the awakening of consciousness).
Forms part of the resistance, a group of misfits to society living on the fringes of the law.
You will discover your roots conjuring the smoke of the ancients ...
Legend has it that whoever invokes the guardian will be given immense power

Install instructions

arrows : move ( down : crouch / jump + : down)
space : jump ( 2x: double jump, when the ability to have )
ctrl : spear gun ( double jump in mid launches 3 shots )
shift : Hold down to arm explosive , release to launch (if the power bar is full )
alt: speak/ insult ( attracts the police when you have no weapons )

enter: pause/start

esc: exit menu

L: change language spanish/english in any time



makifly 2 'smoke of the ancients'.rar 137 MB